Selected Discography:

2023: "Make it Stick!" w/Nordkraft Big Band

2023: "Forward Motion" w/Theo Hjorth

2023: "Frozen Fields" w/BRØK 

2023: "Circular Motion" w/Theo Hjorth

2023: "Skipping" w/Jacob Djursaa

2023: "Shelter" w/Feather Drop

2023: "Hometown" w/Martin Granum 

2023: "Mig vs Life" w/Zaina

2022: “A Short Moment” w/John Ruocco and Jacob Roved

2022: “Avennaata Pissaanera” w/Nordkraft Big Band

2022: "Tæthed og Tomhed" w/Nathalia Flórez

2022: “Tutku” w/AJO & Kalaha

2021: “Dream a World” w/Hasse Poulsen

2021: “Evolution Stories”  w/Emil Hess Sextet

2021: “Dimma - the music of Jan Johansson” w/Ensemble Edge

2020: ”Book of Psalms Volume 1” w/Thomas Fryland Trio

2018: ”A Painted Beginning” w/Lasse Jacobsen

2015: ”Presents Passed” w/Veronica Mortensen

2015: ”Remembering Billy Strayhorn” w/John Ruocco and Jacob Roved

2009: “Evolution Orchestra”  w/Emil Hess

2007: "How High The Moon" w/Ernie Wilkins Alomst Big Band

2007: “Blue Notes” w/Francesco Cigna and Orazio Maugeri

2006: “Another Song” w/Thomas Fryland & Jim McNeely

2006: “Dedication Suite” w/Jim McNeely:

2005: "Blue Moon" w/Johnny Reimar

2005: “Trøllabundin” w/Eivør

2005  "Born to be Blue”w/Anders Blichfeldt

2004: “Cuban Flavour” w/DR Big Band

2003: “Metamorphosis Volume 1+2” w/Thomas Fryland Sextet

2003: “DRJO with Renee Rosens” w/Jim McNeely

2002: “Winther Oranges” w/Graham Collier

2002: “DRJO Plays Bill Evans” w/Jim McNeely

2001: "More Jazzvisits" w/Adam Nussbaum: 

2001: “The Power and the Glory”  w/DR Big Band and Jim McNeely

2000: “Voice of Silence” w/Palle Mikkelborg

2000: “Songs from My Heart” w/Thomas Fryland Quartet

2000: “Nice Work” w/Jim McNeely

1999: “Flor Do Verao” w/Silvana Malta and DR Big Band

1999: "Embracing the Sky” w/Thomas Fryland Quintet

1999: “Steppin’ Up” w/Eric Alexander and Sam Yahel

1999: “Contrasts” w/Martial Solal and DR Big Band

1999: "Tripple Metamorhosis"  w/Phil Woods and Jim McNeely

1999: "The Govenor" w/DR Big Band

1999: “August Music” w/DR Big Band

1998: “Angels”  w/DR Big Band

1998: “Opposites Attracts”  w/Beibom/Kroner Big Band

1998: “The Main Ingredients”  w/Thomas Fryland Quintet

1997: “Dream Dancing” w/Lars Jansson and Katrine Madsen

1997: “Live at Copenhagen Jazzhouse” w/Thomas Fryland Trio

1996: “Perfume and Rain” w/Thomas Fryland Quartet

1996: “Live in Copenhagen” w/Beibom/Kroner Big Band

1995: "Kys Bruden" w/TV2 

1995: “Playing in the Breeze” w/Thomas Fryland Trio

1994: “A Fairy's Tale” w/Thomas Fryland Quartet

1993: “Copenhagen Sunset” w/Thomas Fryland Quintet

1992-1995 - Professor at the Royal Danish Conservatory (Copenhagen)

                  • Main subject trumpet Jazz

1993 - 1996 - Professor at the Alternative Conservatory (Copenhagen)

                  • Harmony, solfège, combo and main subject trumpet Jazz

1996 - 2002 - Professorn at the Royal Danish Conservatory (Aarhus/Aalborg)

                  • Main subject trumpet Jazz and improvisation for other instruments and singers

1998 - 2006 - The Danish Radio Big Band conducted by Jim McNeely

    2006 - 2016 - Assistent Professor at RMC (Copenhagen)

                    • Main subject trumpet Jazz and responsible for the brass department

    2010 - 2020 - Head of Jazz/Pop Department at MGK Zealand

                    • Developing, administrating and executing educational courses

    Present: Professor at the Royal Danish Conservatory (Aarhus/Aalborg)

                    • Classical and Jazz Harmony, combo, main subject trumpet Jazz at the bachelor, master and postgraduate programs.

    Throughout the years:

                    • Workshops and masterclasses in trumpet methods, improvisation, Harmony and Solfege at conservatories and other educational music institutions in e.g. Berlin, Riga, The Hague, Amsterdam, Malmö, Tromsö, Trondhjem, Stockholm, Aalborg, Odense, Beijing and Shanghai
                    • Continuing education of professional classical, Jazz and Pop artists and educators, including all instrumentalists, singers and composers, within a wide range of subjects e.g. improvisation, Harmony, Solfège, composition and performance
                    • Freelance band and career coaching, arranging, composing and producing assignments



    First album release followed by several albums with many groups as leader, sideman soloist and composer. These include an album with arrangements of working class songs commissioned by the Danish Confederation of Trade Unions. In this period and for the next 10-year period I was teaching alternately at 5 different conservatories in Denmark, conducting single workshops and masterclasses in trumpet playing, harmony and improvisation, recording and touring.


    The album “Playing in the Breeze” was elected “Jazz album of the year” and awarded by the Ben Webster and the Simon Spies Foundations.


    Became a regular member of the DR Big Band conducted by Jim McNeely resigning in 2006 to concentrate on solo work and teaching.

    Through the years he has played and toured with e.g. Phil Woods, Lee Konitz, Benny Golson, Maria Schneider, Jerry Bergonzi, Eric Alexander, Renee Rosnes, Sam Yahel, Joe Lovano, David Hazeltine, Kenny Drew, Bob Mintzer, Mike Stern, Niels-Henning Ørsted Pedersen, Tim Hagans, Randy Brecker, Tom Harrell, Dick Oatts, Duke Jordan, Jim McNeely, Toots Thielemans, Ivan Lins, Fay Claassen, Bob Brookmeyer, Ed Thigpen, David Sanborn, John Ruocco, Jacob Karlsson, Lars Jansson, Rigmor Gustafsson, Ferdinand Povel, Rob van Bavel, Frans Elsen, Ack Van Rooyen, Rik van den Berg, Marco Kegel, Simon Rigter.


    As responsible of the conservatory brass department at RMC in Copenhagen he educated more than 40 trumpet and trombone students in a 9 year period, resigning in 2016 after redesigning new Bachelor programmes at the RMC conservatory and to concentrate on developing educational courses at MGK Zealand.


    Responsible for the education of more than 300 soloists, songwriters and producers in a 10-year period as Head of Jazz/Pop departement at MGK Zealand, developing educational courses, executing workshops and conducting masterclasses.


    Engagements with the Danish Radio Big Band, AJO Big Band, Nordkraft Big Band and a variety of small groups. Teaching Classical and Jazz harmony, combo and main subject trumpet Jazz bachelor, master and postgraduate the Royal Danish Conservatory Processing a method book on trumpet playing, performance skills, harmony, solfege and improvisation.

    8-10 pending releases in 2022-23 with small groups and big band as a soloist, arranger and composer.

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